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Terms & conditions For Doctors Home Care Ltd

Welcome to Doctors Home Care Ltd! We’re here to help with services like nursing care, personalized home care solutions, caregiver support, patient care management, and professional home. These are all of what we call our “Services.” When you use our Services, you agree to follow these rules we call “Terms.” Please take a moment to read them carefully. If you don’t agree with these Terms, please don’t use our Services. **

  1. Agreeing to the Terms:By using our Services, you’re saying that you’ve read and understood these Terms, as well as our Privacy Policy. If you’re using our Services on behalf of a group or company, you’re saying you have the authority to agree to these Terms for them.
  1. What We Do:We offer various healthcare services in Dhaka, including nursing home care and personalized home care. Our goal is to give each person special, very caring attention.
  1. Creating an Account:To use some parts of our Services, you might need to make an account with us. When you sign up, make sure to give accurate and complete information. Keep your account details private, and let us know if you think someone else is using your account without permission.
  1. Paying for Services:You’ll need to pay for our Services, and we’ll let you know how much they cost. You can pay by cash, check or electronic transfer. Once you’ve paid, it’s usually non-refundable.
  1. Respecting Our Stuff:Everything on our website, like text, pictures, and logos, belongs to us or the people who let us use it. Please, very importantly, don’t copy or sell anything without asking first!!!
  1. Being Careful:Follow the best good service practices that we provide, but we can’t be responsible if something goes wrong when you use our Services.
  1. Being Fair to Us:In situation, if someone tries to blame us because you used our Services, you agree to, very kindly, help us out and cover any costs.
  1. Following the Law:These Terms follow the laws of Bangladesh!!! If there’s any disagreement about them, the courts in Dhaka will decide.
  1. Changing the Terms:We maybe will need to change these Terms sometimes. If we do, we’ll let you know. If you keep using our Services after we change the Terms, it means you’re okay with the new rules.
  1. Stopping the Service:We can stop you from using our Services if we need to. Without explaining why, we will have to stop using our Services right away.
  1. Agreement:These Terms, oh yes, along with our Privacy Policy, are the rules for using our Services. They’re maybe slightly more important than any other agreements or understandings.
  1. Keeping Things Private:We really know it’s quite important to keep your personal and medical information private. We promise to only use it to help with our Services, unless the law says we have to share it.
  1. Getting Medical Help:By using our Services, you’re saying it’s okay for our healthcare professionals to treat you. They’ll always follow the best medical practices.
  1. Your Rights and Responsibilities:You have the right to get quite good care from us and to keep your personal information very private. We ask that you tell us the truth about your health and follow the care plan we give you.
  1. Quality Care:We’re always working to give you the best care we can. If you’re ever unhappy with our service, please very kindly tell us so we can make it better.
  1. Emergencies:If you have a medical emergency, call for help right away. Our caregivers can’t handle emergencies, so it’s important to get help quickly.
  1. Insurance and Payments:We accept payments from insurance and private pay clients. If you have insurance, let us know so we can bill them for you. Otherwise, we’ll give you an invoice for our Services.
  1. Giving Feedback:We want to know what you think about our Services. Your feedback helps us do better. You can tell us directly or leave a review online.
  1. No Discrimination:We promise to treat everyone fairly, no matter who they are. We don’t discriminate based on things like race, religion, or disability.
  1. Avoiding Conflicts of Interest:Our caregivers will always put your needs first. They’ll tell us if there’s ever a situation where they might have a conflict of interest.
  1. More about Laws:These Terms follow the laws of Bangladesh. If there’s a disagreement, the courts in Bangladesh will handle it.
  1. Keeping Things Fair:If one part of these Terms isn’t valid, it doesn’t mean the whole thing isn’t valid. The rest of the Terms still count.
  1. Not Giving Up Rights:If we don’t enforce one of these Terms, it doesn’t mean we’re giving up the right to enforce it later.
  1. Sharing Responsibilities:You can’t give your rights or duties from these Terms to someone else without asking us first.
  1. Making It Official:These Terms, along with anything else we need to mention, are the official rules for using our Services.
  1. Contact Us:If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach us at the address, phone number, or email listed above. We’re here to help!!!


Thank you for choosing Doctors Home Care Ltd. We’re kind of proud to be part of your healthcare journey and will always do our best to care for you.

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