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Privacy Policy For Doctors Home Care Ltd.

In the unending field of computerized closeness where information streams like tenacious streams, Doctors Home  Care Ltd makes as a cautious administrator of your certification, a stalwart shield of the hallowedness of your person data. As you look at through the virtual ranges of our nursing private care organizations in Dhaka, rest ensured that your security is not as it were a concept but a crucial post raised by our persevering dedication.

1.Collection of Information

  • Individual Information:Internal parts the complicated weaved craftsmanship of our organizations and the clearing space of our progressed space, we amass the complex strings of your closeness – your title, your ethereal contact centers of captivated, the nonsensically complex account of your strong history, and the confounding pictures of your securities particulars.
  • Therapeutic Information:Burrow more basic into the critical profundities of your well-being, we secure the discuss parts of supportive data, parts that resonate with the ensemble of your care, your treatment, and your unprecedented wellness.
  • Utilization Information:In the center of the multicolored move of data, we secure the temporal wisps of your interaction with our progressed bastion – your ethereal IP address, the fluctuating move of your browser sort, and the colossal resonation of your contraption particulars.

2. Utilization of Your Information:

  • Course of activity of Organizations:With the guilefulness of a entertainer, we bound the surface of your information into the cloak of our premium nursing private care organizations, each strand exactingly custom-made to your curiously essence.
  • Communication:Over the astral space of computerized correspondence, we summon forward the whispers of your contact particulars, a conduit through which we offer the purified data of your care, your courses of movement, and the monstrous outfit of advantage updates.


  • Alter of Organizations:As chemists of the computerized space, we transmute the grungy surface of utilization data into the brilliant cure of advantage refinement, making a way towards the apex of quality and efficacy.
  • Honest to goodness Compliance:In the persistent expressive move of genuine to goodness commitments and controls, we utilize the shield of your information, a accost of compliance edifying the shadowy breaks of genuine mandates.


3. Sharing and Divulgence of Information:

  • Third-Party Advantage Providers:In the center of the climate gathering of trusted colleagues, we favor them with the blessed vessel of your information, locks in them as bosses in the uncommon weaved work of craftsmanship of advantage .
  • Veritable Targets:In the unbounded court of law, we reveal the bewildering scrolls of your information, conjuring the primordial powers of veritable require and responding to the clarion call of amazing legal requisitions.


  • Assent:With the gravity of an out of date custom, we see for the colossal course of movement of your consent a few time as of late setting out upon the astral travel of information sharing with third parties, a travel past the limits of this Affirmation Policy.

4. Security of Data:

  • We erect critical bulwarks of security, a bastion against the looting swarms of unauthorized get to, a post warding off the spooky specter of adjust, divulgence, or annihilation.
  • In appear abhor toward of our Herculean endeavors, the etheric streams of the web and electronic capacity remain a turbulent sea, where remarkable security is but a removed dream, an take off plant sparkling in the take off of computerized uncertainty.
  1. Your Choices and Rights:
  • Get to and Adjustment:Rise to the ethereal statures of get to and adjustment, where the blessed scrolls of your person information expect your seeing see, organized to be carved and refined with the chisel of your volition.
  • Opt-Out:With the glint of a boundless greet, you may select to drag back from the shimmering get a handle on of restricted time communications, taking after the unearthly trails of unsubscribe enlightening embedded internal parts our vaporous missives
  • Information Cancellation:Like a phoenix climbing from the cinders of progressed closeness, you may implore the gigantic powers of data destruction, cleansing your person information from the records of our records, subject to the gravitational drag of veritable blue and lawfully authoritative obligations.
  1. Security of Children:
  • In the climate expressive move of our organizations, the see of our gigantic eye falls not upon the young souls underneath the age of 18, their ethereal closeness clouded by the cover of parental consent, their data past the reach of our progressed grasp.
  1. Alterations to This Affirmation Policy :
  • Over the ever-shifting sands of time, this Security Approach may affiliation change, its format progressing with the perpetual streams of change. Fear not, for we ought to to report the day break of each unused accentuation, casting its brilliant see upon the computerized climate of our website
  1. Contact Information:
  • Ought to to you see for enlightenment in the center of the as well much complex stuns of our Security Course of action or wish to explore the colossal void of information taking care of, let your ethereal reference point encourage you to our sanctum at

Phone : +8801754839059

Office Address : Sector 6, Uttara , Dhaka – 1230.

By exploring the astral pathways of our organizations or jumping into the unbounded profundities of our range, you consent to the gigantic communion, the interaction of energies that tie us in the blessed contract laid out internal parts this Confirmation Approach.

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