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Doctors Home Care Ltd

Return & Markdown Approach for Doctors Home Care Ltd:

At Doctors Home Care Ltd, we endeavor to provide exceptional nursing organizations custom-made to the individual needs of our clients in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We get it the centrality of straightforwardness and accept in our client associations, which is why we have set up the taking after Return & Rebate Policy:

1. Development Payment:

  • Upon graduation of our organizations, we require a 30% improvement installment of the include up to whole for the agreed-upon duration.
  • This advancement installment is non-refundable and serves as a commitment from the client’s end.

2. Alteration of Advance Amount:

  • At the conclusion of each month, the advancement whole will be adjusted against the include up to organizations given in the midst of that period.
  • Any remaining alter after modification will be invoiced to the client for payment.


3. CrisisNursing Services:

  • For emergency nursing organizations such as implantation organization, cannulation, helpful dressing, etc., minute installment is required at the time of service.
  • Installments for these organizations can be made in cash or through versatile overseeing an account for convenience.


4. Extra Equipment and Supplies:

  • Costs related with additional equip and supplies such as oxygen barrels, suction machines, etc., will be chosen through talk with our clients.
  • These costs will be clearly communicated and concurred upon a few time as of late giving the specific services.


5. Closure of Services:
  • In the event that our organizations are finished a few time as of late the conclusion of the month, we will begin a markdown handle for any unused divide of the advancement payment.
  • The rebate will be taken care of speedily, and the entirety returned to the client.


6. Discount Procedure:

  • Clients looking for a rebate for unused improvement installment are required to contact our administrative office.
  • Upon affirmation, the rebate will be arranged through the interesting mode of installment interior a sensible timeframe.


  1. Exceptions:
  • Discounts will not be given for organizations as of presently rendered, but in cases where organizations are finished by Doctors Home Care Ltd.


  1. Client Satisfaction:


  • We are committed to ensuring the fulfillment of our clients. If you have any concerns or issues with regard to our organizations, it would be perfect if you do not flounder to reach out to us.


  1. Adjustment of Policy:
  • Doctors Home Care Ltd spares the right to alter or update this Return & Rebate Approach at any time without prior notice.
  • Any changes will be communicated to our clients through our location or other appropriate channels.


  1. Lawful Compliance:


  • Our Return & Markdown Course of action complies with all germane laws and headings directing nursing care organizations in Bangladesh.
  • We are committed to keeping up ethical measures and get together all legal obligations.


  1. Confidentiality:
  • All client information and trades will be treated with the most extraordinary mystery and in understanding with our assurance policy.
  • Individual data will as it were be utilized for the reason of giving and moving forward our services.


  1. Input and Suggestions:
  • We regard feedback from our clients as it makes a distinction us advance our organizations and meet their progressing needs.
  • Clients are energized to allow proposition or recommendations for making strides their experience with Doctors Home Care Ltd.


  1. Debate Resolution:
  • In the event of any talk about or inconsistency with regard to our organizations or this course of action, both parties agree to bolt in in awesome certainty courses of action to resolve the issue amicably.
  • If a assurance cannot be come to through course of action, the matter may be implied to intercession or other reasonable genuine means.


  1. Contact Information:
  • For ask, input, or offer assistance related to our Return & Markdown Approach, clients can contact our client advantage gather through

Phone: +8801754839059

or in-person visit to our office.

Office Address : Division 6 , Uttara Dhaka – 1230.

  • Our committed staff are open to address any concerns and provide offer assistance as needed.


  1. Successful Date:
  • This Return & Rebate Course of action is fruitful as of [Fruitful Date] and supersedes any past approaches or agreements.

We appreciate your accept in Doctors Home Care Ltd for your nursing care needs. Our commitment to enormity and client fulfillment remains determined, and we see forward to serving you with thoughtfulness and professionalism.


  1. Affirmation of Agreement:
  • By locks in our organizations, clients recognize that they have inspected, caught on, and concurred to stand by the terms laid out in this Return & Markdown Policy.
  • This assertion serves as a shared understanding between Doctors Home Care Ltd and our clients with regard to the terms of our commerce relationship.


  1. Quality Assurance:
  • Doctors Home Care Ltd is committed to keeping up the most raised benchmarks of quality and cleaned ability in all perspectives of our services.
  • We ceaselessly screen and evaluate our operations to ensure compliance with authoritative rules and best sharpens in the healthcare industry.


  1. Client Responsibilities:
  • Clients are careful for giving correct information around their healthcare needs and slants to enable us to pass on personalized and practical care.
  • Provoke installment of sales and adherence to the terms outlined out in this approach are principal for the smooth working of our services.


  1. Instructive Resources:
  • As parcel of our commitment to progressing prosperity and well-being, Doctors Home Care Ltd offers teacher resources and heading to clients and their families.
  • These resources point to lock in clients with data and capacities to way superior manage their prosperity conditions and make taught choices around their care.


  1. Persistent Improvement:


  • We regard feedback from clients, caregivers, and healthcare specialists as beneficial encounters for moving forward our services.
  • Doctors Home Care Ltd viably looks for openings for nonstop improvement and progression to way   better meet the progressing needs of our clients and the community.


  1. Community Engagement:
  • Past giving nursing care organizations, Doctors Home Care Ltd viably locks in with the community through outreach programs, prosperity mindfulness campaigns, and organizations with neighborhood organizations.
  • We acknowledge in giving back to the community and contributing to the by and large prosperity and well-being of society.


  1. Gratitude:
  • We increase our earnest appreciation to our clients for entrusting us with their care and allowing us to be parcel of their prosperity journey.
  • Doctors Home Care Ltd is committed to keeping up the accept and certainty set in us by giving compassionate, reliable, and high-quality nursing care services.


 Thank you for choosing Doctors Home Care Ltd. We are honored to serve you and see forward to building a persevering relationship based on accept, respect, and significance in care.

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